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26th Oct 2010

Hi all, thought I'd get my finger out for a wee while and try and get some new reviews up.

I say NEW, but the files go back to about 2003. I mean, that's ridiculous isn't it?

People wrote reviews SEVEN years ago that still haven't gone up? Well, here goes.... Malc

Banned from the forum when signing up? No you haven't - we don't let anyone use a free mail (hotmail, gmail etc) to sign up with though - you'd not believe the spam we get that way. Sorry, but its strictly necessary.

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Hi! I'm Malc and this is, launched on 26th May 1997 as the very first website dedicated to shoot-em-up games, mostly of the 2D scrolling variety. (If you're looking for FPS shooters, you're in the wrong place!)

I'd also like to welcome Akira and Bloodflowers along as co-owners of the site, together we will be providing you with the very best shmup reviews ever, a definitive listing of shmups on all platforms, great links to other shmup sites and lastly - the forum. In there you can join in the shmups main chat for news, views and lots of varied and occasionally heated shmup discussions, post your hi-scores, and also trade shmups.

 I consider shmups to be the last real classic game genre still alive - games in which score, skill, technique, replayability, and finely honed 2-dimensional gameplay are all-important.

Shmups can be picked up for 10 minutes, and enjoyed fully in that space of time. They can literally last for decades - I'm still trying to complete Flying Shark today. Perfect for modern busy lifestyles I reckon - a short, intense burst of pure gameplay. But they're often severely misunderstood by today's gamers ("repetitive, easy to credit feed to the end, all you do is shoot!"). Well, their loss!

Longstanding veterans will have seen this site go through a few changes over the years. What you see here is is a step towards simplicity and ease of updating, and bringing some life and regular posting of reviews back into it. I'm extremely indebted to everyone involved in contributing to the site so far with reviews and tons of information, especially Akira!

Well, there's also a how to submit reviews page up now, have a look. Get busy - writing about shmups should be a labour of love... that's how I started, and that's what I want to bring back into it.


Lastly, if you hate what I'm doing here, or you despise the word "shmup", I don't care. I'm living in the past, I can't hear you...

Long live shmups :) Malc


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Cho Ren Sha 68k
Famibe No Yosshin - PC Reviewed by Skinnytie
Eighting/Raizing - Arcade - 2000. Reviewed by Howard Lovecraft.
1994 - Psikyo - Reviewed by O. Hakubi.
Triangle Service - Dreamcast - 2005 Reviewed by Herr Schatten
Raiden DX
Seibu Kaihatsu - Arcade/PS1 - 1994/97 Reviewed by Randorama
東方文花帖 (Touhou Bunkachou) Shoot the Bullet
Team Shangai Alice/ZUN - PC 2005 - Reviewed by Dai jou bu
Cardinal Sins
M-Kai - Wonderswan - 2005 Reviewed by Druuna
Vasara 2
Visco - Arcade - 2001 - Reviewed by O. Hakubi
Gokujyou Parodius
Konami - Arcade - - 1994 - Reviewed by Master O.
Parodius Da
Konami - Arcade - - 1990 - Reviewed by Master O.
Strikers 1999
Psikyo - Arcade - Reviewed by Thomas Tran

Review Archive »

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