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Aerofighters 2

Reviewed by Deeto

If only there was an actual Aero Fighters force. If there was, Saddam would be dead, the conflicts in Europe and the middle east would be over, and the presidential election would be decided. And even though we can all dream (at least, all of the non-communists in the western hemisphere), there are always the games to better envision the dream of a better working U.N..
Aero Fighters was a strictly alright game, with good music, graphics, and gameplay, but nothing special. Aero Fighters 2 improves immensely on the original, proving to be much better in every aspect.

The graphics are much improved, seeing as how Video System decided to move onto the NeoGeoMVS for this go-around. Your plane is well-sized, not too small or too large, and the backgrounds are filled with detail (at least most of the time). The characters you can play as are some of the wackiest seen in a shmup, ranging from a robotic version of the main protagonist from AF1, to a Dolphin(!).

Everything you shoot is drab military (except for the last stage...), but at least it's interesting drab military. The bosses are usually huge, well animated, and have multiple forms. They seem to conform to generic shmup cliches one to often, however. One of my friends said something to me a couple days ago - "One problem with shmups is that you always have to fight a cyber-spider or a tank". And you've got to fight both in this game...

Moving on, the gameplay in this game is very simple, but it also benefits quite a bit from the simplicity. The AF series was one of the the last shmups in recent time to give you only a straight forward shot and bombs, and although at times it can seem a bit constricting, it also keeps you from getting too flustered with yourself. It always comes down to either dodging whatever is coming at you, or using a bomb to escape really hard moments.
If you die, it's your own fault. I'm also pretty sure that it's possible to finish the game without continuing, which is always good for a shmup. You can charge up your main weapon 4 times, as in AF. Luckily, Power-ups are plentiful, so getting killed won't screw you up too bad. This isn't Gradius, for sure. The only real problem I had with the gameplay was the slight delay between using bombs. Also, there are 10 stages, which is quite a bit for a shmup.

The music is alright, nothing too special. Some rather forgettable regional-style tunes, although I thought that the first 5 seconds of the boss music was pretty good. It gives you that exact feeling of "you're utterly screwed" that so many other games miss.

Aero Fighters 2 is a shmup just barely nicking the 'great' area, and although it has it's flaws, they aren't enough to detract much from the enjoyability of the game in general.

Wanna check out the wacky selection of CHARACTERS?

Considering the levels are selected in a random order, here's the list of levels!





[ And for those who've played the game before, here's the ENDING!!! ]

^^ Here's the bog standard intro -
military rolling out etc etc...
Never thought a standard jet
had optical weapons though...


Yet ANOTHER huge review by the man Deeto. Nice! Aerofighters 2... the series is a bit samey in general, but being one of the more entertaining shmups out there, it can hold your attention for quite a long time (as I found out playing it for three hours). Not many shmups can boast the ability to grip you for such long periods of time, but it's a testament to the playability of this series that it does...


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