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Haven't actually been here myself, but I think you can safely say you're not very welcome.

Someone should make a shootemup where everyone's pleased to see you, and attempt to give you group hugs, kisses and presents, and you have to blast them all away.

Personal Space Invaders it should be called.

I think someone should tell Treasure the textures have fallen off this one.

Top lightning laser effects, a la Raiden II. Notice the similarity here between the moon, and the tiny no-face people in Treasure's N64 platform blaster Yuke Yuke Troublemakers?

Tell you what, since I can't think of a caption for this one... use the box below to fill in a caption yourself:


Getting a lot of mileage out of the backshot.

Using the weapons properly is key to survival. After playing RSG it's strange having to earn weapons in other shooters - try playing Gradius to see what I mean after a long session.

Bloody hell! This looks great... Think I'll have to cut this short and go and play again....

If you suffer from vertigo, look away now. This bit zooms out like a giant elevator.

Deciding to hit different parts of the bosses yields varying results, getting it right will give you a perfect score. However, you may want to stuff the score and just stay alive by getting rid of the nasty bits first!

More of a dodgemup than a shootemup sometimes.

Time to crack out the Sword and nab all those purple things!!

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