Strikers 1945 III-Psikyo

Kinda of city-ish area. You start off with tanks, helicopters, and bigger helicopters against you.

Now 2 bigger helicopters engage you. If fought at Mission 4, then they COULD wreck you completely.

A train station? You should be near the boss then.

Boss: Thanatos

Ah, here we go. You can attack the main train (theres 4 sections of it) or the smaller supporting trains (which can annoy people at times) turns into a mech (looks like a mantis...kinda). But hey, it's a nice transformation animation.

Ooooh! The Orb! Move in fast, to Techincal Bonus it! But if you can't...

It'll start trying to beat the bajessus out of you.

KABLLAMO! Next victim. Back to the Review


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